Want to Develop Investment Potential in West Java SPADE Consultancy Singapore make an Investment Review

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Photo of SPADE Consultancy with DPMPTSP of West Java. Monday 02-24-2020


DPMPTSP, Bandung. West Java have an infrastructure readiness and easy licensing that made investors interested in investing in West Java. One of them is SPADE Consultancy Singapore, who on Monday 24 February 2020 visited the DPMPTSP of West Java. SPADE Consultancy is a financial advisory company and company headquartered in Singapore. They operate on a global scale, focusing on emerging markets in Asia and Africa.

The purpose of the visit is to find out about investment projects in West Java

"The purpose of coming to West Java is to explore opportunities to invest in the country," said Lynn Lin as Managing Director of SPADE Consultancy.


 Meeting between SPADE Consultancy and DPMPTSP of West Java. Monday 02-24-2020

The meeting was held in the Anggrek Room of the DPMPTSP of West Java was also attended by representatives of several Investment Projects were then discussed at this meeting. Including Al-Ihsan Hospital, BIBJ and PT. Perkebunan Nusantara VIII, then respectively explaining what could be offered to investors.

Expectancy in the future with this meeting is the creation of an investment relationship between SPADE Consultancy with the province of West Java

"We hope to have an investment partner like province and government, I can see that West Java is very popular area, especially for opportunities like the hospitals that we can develop," said Managing Director of SPADE Consultancy

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Want to Develop Investment Potential in West Java SPADE Consultancy Singapore make an Investment Review

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Start investing in West Java

Thousands of opportunity awaits, explore now to learn more.


What West Java offers?

Infrastructure Investment

These investment incentives and scheme is specifically designed to encourage potential investors and thus reap the positive effects of foreign direct investments (FDI).

Public Private Partnership Project

We open the door of enormous opportunities to the private sector in helping to develop West Java in a very interesting scheme.

New Industrial Zones and Cities Development...

West Java is expanding its industries in the future that will impact millions of people, one of the projects are Rebana Golden...

Trading Commodities

Explore various resources that are avalaible in West Java from geothermal to its famouse cofee and tea.

Tourism Investment

With a widely known beauty in the land of Pasundan, explore many opportunities for investment.

West Java Digital Inclusive Province

Helping millions empower themselves by implementing internet and tech into the community.

Social Development Program

Besides infrastructure development, human resources are essential in supporting West Java's stable growth.

West Java & National State-Owned Enterprise

West Java & National State-Owned Enterprise in various sector ensure the inclusiveness and impact for the society.