Industries & New Town

West Java is expanding its industries in the future that will impact millions of people, one of the projects are Rebana Golden Triangle and more.

Overview of West Java's Industrial Area

As the highest contributor the national GDP in manufactoring sector. West Java has enormous industrial area that include huge number of companies from both local and foreign invetors.

In 15 Regencies
From Automotive, Electronics, Real Estate, etc.
Out of 4705 Companies from 42 Countries.

New Industrial Area and Town Development

West Java will develop Rebana Golden Triangle that will consist of new industrial areas and integrated towns that have specific value proposition and activities, supporting one another through an integrated value chain.

  • Palimban New Town
  • Koridor Cipali Subang
  • Koridor Cipali Indramayu
  • BIJB & Kertajati Aerocity
  • Tukdana
  • Cirebon
  • Balongan
  • Balongan (Jatibarang)
  • Losarang
  • Patrol
Port of City Patimban

Location: Patimban


Location: Kalijati


Location: Cikedung

Kertajati Aerocity

Location: Kertajati


Location: Jati Tujuh, Ligung

Greater Cirebon Area

Location: Cirebon


Location: Kandang Haur, Losarang

Balongan II

Location: Kandang Haur, Losarang


Location: Kandang Haur, Losarang


Location: Jati Tujuh, Ligung

Benefit of Rebana Golden Triangle

Power Suply
Guaranteed supply from state-owned electricity enterprise, PLN.
Regional Water Treatment Plant construction project in Kertajati, Balongan, and Greater Cirebon by Tirta Gemah Ripah (Provincial Owned Company)
Data Center & Security
Initial development collaboration with Amazon.
SEZ Opportunity
Provincial support, endorsement and assistance to propose as Special Economic Zone to gain many incentives in: Tax Permit and Immigrations Law as well support from National Government.
Permit & License
Fully supported by Local Governments, the project will be faster with one stop system license and permit.


Potential Industry and New Town Areas
Potential Companies
Potential Industry Sectors
Varying from agrofood, coal, mining, logistic, digital industries and many more.
38.352 ha
Potential Residential Area
with more than 1 million housing units to build.
3.39 millions
Potential Residential
Indicating hoh big the potential market of the area is.
West Java in a Glance

Features visualized data on the Socioeconomic and Demographic of West Java

Why you should invest?

Features visualized data on Market Potential and Infrastructure Readiness of West Java

What does West Java offers

Learn more about many potential investment in West Java from Infrastructure to Tourism

Start investing in West Java

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What West Java offers?

Infrastructure Investment

These investment incentives and scheme is specifically designed to encourage potential investors and thus reap the positive effects of foreign direct investments (FDI).

Public Private Partnership Project

We open the door of enormous opportunities to the private sector in helping to develop West Java in a very interesting scheme.

New Industrial Zones and Cities Development...

West Java is expanding its industries in the future that will impact millions of people, one of the projects are Rebana Golden...

Trading Commodities

Explore various resources that are avalaible in West Java from geothermal to its famouse cofee and tea.

Tourism Investment

With a widely known beauty in the land of Pasundan, explore many opportunities for investment.

West Java Digital Inclusive Province

Helping millions empower themselves by implementing internet and tech into the community.

Social Development Program

Besides infrastructure development, human resources are essential in supporting West Java's stable growth.

West Java & National State-Owned Enterprise

West Java & National State-Owned Enterprise in various sector ensure the inclusiveness and impact for the society.