Social Development Program

Besides infrastructure development, human resources are essential in supporting West Java's stable growth.

Inclusive Economic
Growth Principles in West Java

We want to ensure that the economic growth in West Java include all part of the ummah to grow together with participatory approach, resulting in an equitable, sustainable, and stable development for all people.


The Programs

Provide basic infrastructure to support economic growth.
Human Resources
Improving labor quality and skills.
Integrating potential sectors based on local resources.
Integrating potential sectors based on local resources.
Revitalization on villages.
One Village One Product.
One Village One Company.
Economic Centers
Developing new economic centers in different regions by utilizing local resources
Village Worker
  • Universities
Offtaker's Forum
Digital Commerce
  • Bukalapak
  • Tokopedia
Provincial Gov.
Financial Services
  • CSR
Potential Availability
  • Agriculture
  • Plantation
  • Tourism
  • Fisheries
Trading Chamber
State Owned Enterprises
  • Young Enterpreneur Associaton
Leading Sector:
Rural and Community Development Office

OPOP is one of 17 programs to create a Champion Pesantren (Islamic Boarding School) that focuses on Pesantren economic empowerment.

OPOP aims to develop economic power in Pesantren by establishing business. West Java Province is supporting in connecting commodity that highly marketable, providing training and mentoring in production, marketing, and finance.

Leading Sector:
Cooperative and Small Enterprise Office

MICRO FINANCING PROGRAM aims to encourage the growth of small enterpreneurs that coming rom 'low-income' society to drive social welfare improvement.

In implementing Micro Financing Program, the West Java Government collaborates with house of prayers (mosques, church, shrine, and temple) as strategic partners.

As the experience of implementing this program in Bandung since 2015, MICRO FINANCING PROGRAM has succesfully facilitate 16.000 borrowers and cut the loan shark trap with low non performing loan which is only 1.06%

West Java Financing Program in Number (Jan-May 2019)

Loan : 225.000 USD
Potentital Loan : 400.000 USD
Number of Account : 1.361 Creditors
NPL : 0%

*creditor candidates are under the training for enterpreneurship

Leading Sector:
Rural and Community Development Office


Jabar Quick Response
Fulfillment of emergency assistance for social and humanitarian aid.
Housing Renovation
Renovation of housing for low income households.


River Normalization
Dredging of damaged and silted rivers.
Tree Planting/ Forest Conservation
Planting forest trees in critical land or mangroves in the abrasion-prone beach.
Retaining Wall
Construction of retaining wall in the landslide prone area.


Construction of new classrooms in the schools that exceed capacity.
Smart Class
Procurement of smart class technology in existing classrooms.
Vocational School and Industry Integration
Employment of vocational school graduates after training or skill adjustment.
Library Corner
Construction of comfortable micro-libraries in crowded area.
Providing scholarships to poor students and high achieving students.
Kolecer (Smart Literation Box)
Provision of boxes in public where people can donate and borrow books.


Provision of ambulances for community health centers or district governments.
Home-health-care Layad Rawat
Provision of two-wheeled vehicles for home-health-care by visiting sick people in their houses.
Maternal and Child Health Center
Development of maternal and child health center.

Economic Enhancement

One Pesantren One Product
Development of business in Pesantren.
One Village One Company
Development of business owned by village government by maximizing village potential.
Micro Financing
Providing loan with no interest and collateral to establish a business.
Fishery Facilities
Providing facilities needed by fishermen to improve productivity.
Breeding Facilities
Providing facilities needed by breeder to improve productivity.
Farming Facilities
Providing facilities needed by farmer to improve productivity.

Public and Enviromental Utilities

Village Road
Construction and repairment of village roads.
Street Lighting for Villages
Provision of street lightning in the villages.
Semi Permanent Bridge
Construction or repairment of semi permanent bridge.
Public Toilet
Construction of public toilet in remote areas.
Energy Efficient Lightning
Provision of energy efficient lightning in remote areas.
Green Space
Construction of green space as public interaction space.
Construction of court that also function as public sport facility.
Rolling Road Barrier
Provision of road barrier with rolling shock absorption technology.
Village Border Monument
Construction of border monument between villages.

Religious Program

House Prayer
Construction of house of Prayer.
Boarding Room for Pesantren
Construction of boarding room for Pesantren (Islamic Boarding School).
Maghrib For Reciting Quran
Activating congregate Quran reciting at the mosque after evening (maghrib) prayer.
One Village One Hafiz
Activating Quran memorizing teaching program.
Allowance for Ulama
Providing allowance for ulama (Islamic Scholars).
English for Ulama
Providing English teaching for Islamic scholar (ulama).
Subuh Jamaah (Congregational Prayer at Dawn)
Activating congregational prayer at dawn (Subuh Jamaah) at the mosque.

Other Development Program

Rural Multipurpose Car
Provision of multi-purpose rural cars.
Internet Goes To Villages
Provision of internet facilities in villages.
Tour Bus
Provision of tour buses.
Bus for Labours
Provision of free-of-charge buses for industrial labours.
Digital Village
Implementation of digital ecosystem using digital and IoT technology in the villages.

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What West Java offers?

Infrastructure Investment

These investment incentives and scheme is specifically designed to encourage potential investors and thus reap the positive effects of foreign direct investments (FDI).

Public Private Partnership Project

We open the door of enormous opportunities to the private sector in helping to develop West Java in a very interesting scheme.

New Industrial Zones and Cities Development...

West Java is expanding its industries in the future that will impact millions of people, one of the projects are Rebana Golden...

Trading Commodities

Explore various resources that are avalaible in West Java from geothermal to its famouse cofee and tea.

Tourism Investment

With a widely known beauty in the land of Pasundan, explore many opportunities for investment.

West Java Digital Inclusive Province

Helping millions empower themselves by implementing internet and tech into the community.

Social Development Program

Besides infrastructure development, human resources are essential in supporting West Java's stable growth.

West Java & National State-Owned Enterprise

West Java & National State-Owned Enterprise in various sector ensure the inclusiveness and impact for the society.